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Sleeping Bag Studios

Crypto Kade is KILLIN’ it on his latest single “Reach” – let’s just say the man clearly knows his way around the m-i-c.  A wordsmith in full-effect, Crypto Kade puts wicked energy into his vocals & lyricism with insight & observations that lineup perfectly with the effects and scenes of the brand-new vid he’s got supporting “Reach” – all the proof you need to see/hear that this emcee is thinking ten-steps ahead of the rest.  As IF the Rick & Morty shirt didn’t already give away the fact that this dude is on the next-level right?  Check it out for yourself – Crypto Kade brings wild doses of swagger & skill to “Reach” – you’ll dig this.

Stereo Stickman

Cyrpto Kade’s approach to hip hop is one of relentless energy, enthusiasm and flow. Reach is an intensely vibrant track that introduces the artist and his sound in a manner that’s impossible to ignore.

However much independent hip hop you may have consumed throughout 2018 so far, Reach is likely to stop you in your tracks. Something about this fusion of such a haunting, retro and attention grabbing backdrop, with a vocal delivery that is hyped and flawlessly rhythmic and fast-paced, makes for a totally entrancing experience.

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