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Crypto Kade - Solo Artist

Crypto Kade is a hip-hop artist whose dark, aggressive, slow flow style is bursting through the Michigan underground.

 With his second single (Ring Ring) about to drop, and his Barcode EP for release before the end of 2018, Crypto Kade is set to take the step up. While still very connected to the underground hip hop scene, Kade has developed a reputation as an artist who is not afraid to challenge himself or his abilities.


Growing up in Flint MI, his world filled by the sounds of Eminem, Tupac, Mos Def, Common, and WuTang. Kade found his way to college in Boston, MA and into the cyphers of the city’s underground. With the moments of battle flipping the switches in his mind, Kade would win and then win again. Eventually, people started asking the same questions that he was asking of himself. Why not a career?


Flash forward a few years and Crypto Kade is packing houses. Taking inspiration from the likes of Logic (“I love how distinctive and direct his style is - everything is so technical and rhythmically attuned”) and NF who blew up 40 miles from his hometown, Kade started with nothing and built everything he has from the ground up. Entirely self-produced and self-made, his lyrics are drawn from his life; the people and situations that have shaped him. And his philosophy is clear: Never sell yourself short, give your dreams every ounce of your attention.

 For all the hundred artists trying to convince the world that they’ve got it made when there is really nothing to see, there are the few, real few, coming up the hard way. Working for every fan, for every inch, Crypto Kade has earned every step and is ready to take the next.


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